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Стрелковые очки Beretta OCA10/0002/0999 черные

  • Бренд Beretta
  • Страна ИТАЛИЯ
  • ШтрихКод 7601290484612
  • Артикул OCA10/0002/0999
4 355 руб
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Challenge (6 pz)

  • Code: OC010 00002 0999
  • Collection: Discontinued Items ( Accessories )
  • Color: Black
  • Size: One Size
  • Fabric Description: Various POL
  • Family: Design & Performance


Box containing 6 glasses


  • Soft touch frame
  • Antislip on tips
  • Wide lense increased on temple and forehead, created by injection to improve the quality of the vision.
  • Comfortable nose


Product in phase in, alternative code of OC30 0002 0025/0015/0005/0058/0035/0040 Black lenses: perfect when sunny and for all day use Yellow lenses: good for fog and dull, low light, early in the morning or at dusk Clear lenses: perfect for an indoor use and good for low light days. Smoke lenses: perfect for all weather use Red lenses: highlights the clay against a light sky. Good for bright days Orange lenses: highlights the clay against a light sky. Good for bright days Purple lenses: enhance the orange clays against a green background


Beretta offers a complete range of protective and safety eyeglasses for shooting and hunting. Beretta competition and Beretta design & performance lines, guarante high tecnichal features, attention to the shooter safety, in addition to a modern and engaging design. To complete the range Beretta suggests the All day use line.